“While there are several good books about analytics today, Skate stands apart because it is written from the practitioners’ perspective. Robin is an expert in field of analytics and he draws on his vast consulting experience to curate salient points using real-world examples.”

— Abbas Merchant
Group Vice President, Marketing Segments & Services and Customer Insights
M&T Bank



Making Real Money with Big Data Analytics

We believe the best way to guide industry leaders toward smart decisions is with the benefit of direct evidence—instead of with opinions, conjecture, and hyperbole.

To develop the foundations for this book, we compiled research from our decades of experience delivering analytics solutions for business decision making into a database of case studies. This database contains over 200 case studies, of which more than sixty were studied and scored.

Based on this evidence, and our many years of designing and implementing these approaches for large-and medium-sized enterprises, we developed data-driven insights about analytics maturity, organizational effectiveness, adoption of technology, and analytics best practices for business decision makers.

We also feature more than twenty detailed case studies throughout the book, as it has been our experience that business leaders prefer to learn from each other, especially when the findings are supported by quantitatively rigorous evidence.

This book is intended for the business or technology executive seeking insights on how to leverage big data and predictive analytics for improved operational performance. Specifically, this content is fit for businesses that,

  • Focus on customers who are either consumers or small-to-medium businesses
  • Have an established customer base (or plan to compete with those who do)
  • Seek to characterize customer behavior
  • Have the opportunity to test customer strategies (via differentiated products, services, pricing, acquisition, media, sales and customer service strategies, etc.)
  • Have the potential and desire to create direct, meaningful relationships with customers

If you’re looking to optimize your predictive analytics, if you’re wondering whether predictive analytics could improve your business, or if you want to find out more about how predictive models are constructed and used in practical real-world environments, this book is for you.