Maximize the value of customer relationships

You’ve heard it time and again (perhaps even from your own analytics team)—customer data is a treasure trove of potential insights, and can be the catalyst for profound business growth. But how to connect the dots between data and insights, insights and decisions?

Skate Where the Puck’s Headed leads an in-depth discussion around:

  • Analytics Maturity — Learn how to evaluate your current analytics program, and build a roadmap for scaling up.
  • Organizational Hurdles — Uncover the secret to aligning analytics team activity more closely with business goals, and how to recruit and retain the right analytics talent.
  • Predictive Modeling Best Practices — Find out how to effectively develop, manage, and deploy predictive model assets for maximum impact.
  • Customer Response Strategies — Data is only as valuable as the decisions it influences. Discover how to leverage raw transactional data to maximize the value of customer interactions.